APA Editor

"Lynne Babbitt, an editorial savant, spent hours and hours combing through each and every line of my dissertation to search for errors. Her energy and positive attitude made tedious work bearable; it also felt good to have a partner who wanted me to excel as badly as I did."
– Dr. Denise Coates

Lynne's editing service provides comprehensive editing of doctoral dissertations, master's theses, articles, grant proposals, books, and school papers of all kinds. Her decades of experience teaching English, combined with her consistent achievement of superior scores on a plethora of papers for two degrees, give Lynne the perfect experience to help you produce your best writing.

Lynne is proficient in APA, 6th Edition, and will ensure adherence to any additional university specific formatting as well. Her editing includes the following:

General Proofreading: Making needed corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

Format/Style Review: Ensuring complete consistency with guidelines, including headings, citations, appendices, reference list, and citation-to-reference agreement.

Writing Precision: Editors do not write content, delete content, or change the integrity or meaning of content. However, Lynne will make suggestions to help improve the flow, cohesion and clarity of your writing. She will help you achieve clear and succinct sentence structure while avoiding colloquialisms, bias, and anything else that sounds unscholarly or unprofessional.

Lynne's note to students, well-remembering her own student years:
My editing fee is a flat $60 per hour for normal turn-around requirements, in order to make it fair for both of us. I am a very fast reader, and typos stand out to me. So, if your work is well-written, it will cost you much less to have it edited. If you cranked out an all-nighter train-wreck without ever cracking your school's manual, it will take me many more hours to make you look good. If you procrastinated, I will need a bonus commensurate with how much sleep I have to lose in order to meet your deadline. You will receive a polished final document, ready for submittal, which I pored over as if my reputation depended on it. Because it does.